After gathering information on your current processes and seeing them first-hand, we'll show you where improvements can be made.

We'll formulate plans for immediate actions as well as short-term (weeks or months) and long term (quarters or years) steps to set you on a course toward improvement, and to keep you there.

Process ​Development
World-Class Machines, Methods and Materials for Pad Printing. 
​Process ​Development

Never pad printed before and have no idea of where to start?  We can help with the process from concept to production.

While we have in-depth knowledge of many decorating processes, pad printing is and has been our sole focus for over 20 years.

​Contact us today to discuss your project.

Project Management

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​​​Pad printing is a

science, not an art.

From "Pad Print 101" to in-depth training on specific parts of the process and "application specific" training programs focusing on your applications only, we've got you covered.

We'll work with you to create a training program that meets your needs, and equip you with the materials you'll need to train new

personnel as they join your team.


​​We'll experiment with your application using different methods, machines and materials to determine the most efficient, cost-effective solutions.  Including:

  • Pre-treatment 
  • Inks and additives
  • Cliche plates
  • Transfer pads
  • Equipment, options and accessories
  • Post-treatment and inspection​

 We have a passion for pad printing, so naturally, we want you to be successful with the process.

There are a lot of companies that will just sell you a box full of pad printing stuff and then never, ever answer the phone or an e-mail to help you afterwards. 

We aren't one of those companies.

At  Pad Print Pros, we realize that some of the best solutions don't come in a box.  They come in the form of experience, and the ability to convey a thorough understanding of the science of pad printing, without any smoke and mirrors.

Whether you've got zero knowledge of the process, have a perplexing application that "the other guys" seem to think is impossible, or need someone to figure out what is dragging your existing quality, efficiency and productivity down, we're here to help.