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Books by John Kaverman

John Kaverman has written several books on pad printing. The latest book was released in September, 2016.
Co-authored with Trent Pepicelli of Innovative Marking Systems (, this latest edition is 249 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect bound, color.

This book is a useful resource for project managers, engineers and operators.  It includes chapters on The Origins of Pad Printing, How Pad Printing Works, Choosing the Right Decorating Process, Pad Printing Machines, Popular Drive Systems, Benefits of Stepper Motors, Options and Accessories, Automating, Artwork and Film, Cliches and Cliche Making, Transfer Pads, Inks and Additives, Color Matching, Production Environments, Troubleshooting and much more.

Modern Pad Printing - 2016 
Available Exclusively at

Magazine Articles by John Kaverman

Digital Archive Plastics Decorating Articles:

     Minimizing Contamination in a Production Environment (pages 14-18)

     Quality Control Technologies (pages 24-27)

Appliance Design Article:

     New Appliance Panel Decorating Solutions 

Plastics Machinery Article:

     Special Report: Methods Integrated into Existing Technology

Archived Plastics Decorating Articles:

     Stepper Motor Technology in Pad Printing

     Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

     Polymer Cliches for Pad Printing

     Greener Solutions for Pad Printing

     Components of a Quality Pad

     The Perception of Color

     Pad Printing on Textured Surfaces

     Estimating Pad Printing Costs

     Minimizing Set-up and Change-over Times

     Troubleshooting the Polymer Cliche Making Process

     Making the Right Choice in Pad Printing Equipment

     Optimal Conditions for Pad Printing

Screenprinting magazine / Screenweb:

    Multiple-Axis Presses Step Up the Motion in Pad Printing

    Ink Characteristics for Successful Pad Printing

    Options and Accessories for Successful Pad Printing

I also have a blog dedicated to pad printing.

     Pad Printing BLOG

Video Blog

You can see several video tutorials as well as videos of pad printers on's YouTube channel.

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